Discover our assistance to administrative procedures

Auto-Portail subscribers enjoy with no further cost an assistance to the car-related administrative procedures frequently required.

Fill online your Sale certificate.

Mandatory for a sale, this document indicates the characteristics of the vehicle, as well as the contact details and signatures of the seller, buyer and the vehicle. It is the document which proves the transfer of ownership of the vehicle.

Order your anti-pollution sticker.

Now required by a growing number of metropolises, the sticker must be affixed on the windshield. Offenders take the risk of a fine.
Auto-Portail subscribers can order for free up to 5 stickers per year, for him or his loved ones.

Find out about the administrative condition of a car

An administrative blocking, for example because of an unpaid fine, can block the new buyer from registrating the car under his name.
As a seller, proove to you buyer that your call is not subject of any pledge.
As a buyer, check that the vehicle you covet is not the subject of any administrative blocking.
Auto-Portail subscribers can order for free up to 10 administrative non-pledge certificates per month.

Apply for a new driving license

Loss, theft, deterioration? Do you need a new license?
Nothing could be simpler for Auto-Portail subscribers who can order a duplicate for free simply by filling out the online form (an e-photo can be requested).
Auto-Portail subscribers can ask for up to 5 driving license duplicates per year for free (covers all drivers of the same family for example).

Available soon

Find On all your devices. We are soon available on smartphone on the AppStore and Google Play.

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