Help for the sale of your used vehicle

Sell my car

Transaction assistance

Have better information to fix your prices by accessing five sales indicators:

  • Attractiveness of the model: Takes into account the trend of sellers to lower their price as well as the observed rotation period.
  • Depreciation In order to best manage the time of immobilization, Autovisual provides you with values ​​at +30, +60 and +90 days.

Depreciation of your vehicle

Evolution of the transaction trigger price in the coming days

30 jours

9 130 €


60 jours

9 070 €


90 jours

9 010 €


The market of your vehicle

Position your used car on the current used vehicle market.

  • Get The distribution of the market according to the age of the vehicle, its mileage, the sites on which the used cars are put for sale and the type of seller (individual or professional).
  • Adjust Your decisions according to the positioning of your vehicle.

Market prices

Distribution according to the date of circulation

Available soon

Find On all your devices. We are soon available on smartphone on the AppStore and Google Play.

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