Offer designed FOR car-owners, BY car owners!

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Offer designed FOR car-owners, BY car owners!

Description of the offer

Guichet Auto offers a range of services dedicated to car owners, offered in the form of a monthly subscription.

  • Optimize the sale of your vehicle (up to 10 requests per month)
    From your registration and mileage, our tool:
    - Identify your model
    - spots similar models currently on sale on the market
    - Indicates the average selling price
    - Inform you about the price deprecriation expected in the next 30/60/90 days
  • Benefit from discounts
    12 months of electronic toll badge free of charge
  • Fill your tank cheaper
    Locate the cheapest petrol station around you
  • Facilitate your administrative procedures
    A license to redo, a certificate of non-pledge to obtain, a pollution sticker to order, a bank check to check?
    Everything is possible directly from the site, and free of charge (up to 5 stamps / year and 2 bank checks / month and per subscriber for you and your loved ones).
  • Get help on all your automotive matters
    Our team of specialists in the automotive world is available to answer you by email and telephone, from Monday to Friday.

Notre abonnement

Auto-Portail +

  • Only € 29.99/month for all our services
  • Non-biding offer Unsubscribe at any time
  • A one-time need? Trial period offer at 0.99 € for a 48 hours access to the services

Key figures in 2021


Available vehicles

+ 121 500

Used car sales in 2021

+ 5 million

Helping you sell your used car

In France in 2021, more than 5 million used cars have been sold, or 3.5 used cars for 1 new car sale. The second-hand market is booming, hence the need to properly estimate the value of your vehicle.

Our tools allow you to identify your vehicle and estimate its market value thanks to a precise real-time rating tool. You can also compare your vehicle with similar offers available.

Market prices

Estimate easily and in a few clicks the value of your vehicle thanks to our comparator included in the Auto-Portail+ offer

Assistance in administrative procedures

Our teams of professionals assist you in all your daily procedures:

  • Helping you sell Learn more
  • Electronic toll badge. Learn more
  • Obtaining key vehicle information (identification, history and administrative condition).

Locate the cheapest petrol station

Locate in a few seconds the cheapest petrol station close to you.

Save time and money on a daily basis.

Most stolen cars in France in 2020






Peugeot 208 II

88 812


Dacia Sandero 3

64 293


Renault Clio V

64 012


Citroen C3 III

58 880


Peugeot 2008 II

51 454


Renault Captur II

45 577


Peugeot 308 III

41 656


Peugeot 3008 II

36 281


Dacia Duster 2

31 648


Renault Arkana

31 638


Good to know

Take into account the depreciation of your vehicle

Your customer account gives you access to our depreciation tool which allows you to know and anticipate the loss of value of your vehicle in the coming months according to the number of kilometers you perform every week.

Available soon

Find On all your devices. We are soon available on smartphone on the AppStore and Google Play.

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